Is ANGKAS a reliable means of transportation?

Angkas - Your Best Ride-hailing App!


Our decisions these days are all based on the traffic situation – the place to live, school to study, restaurants to dine, malls to go, and spots to travel. As years went by, this traffic situation in Cebu becomes worse causing daily frustrations to Cebuanos and an estimated economic loss of 1.1B pesos each day according to the study conducted by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). It was out of this major concern that Angkas was born.

What is Angkas?

L-R: Angkas Assistant Manager for Operations Lachme Reboton, Angkas Founder and CEO Angeline Tham, Chief Transport Advocate Gilbert Olan, Chairman of Motorcycle Rights Organization Jobert Bolanos

Angkas is a mobile ride-hailing application that allows passengers to book a motorcycle ride going to their respective destinations. “It is an innovative and timely traffic solution that Cebuano commuters need to help them reach their destinations in a fast, convenient, and affordable way,” said Angkas Founder and CEO Angeline Tham. Angkas drivers are required to attend seminars on traffic rules, signs, and etiquette in driving. They are also strictly screened and trained; hence, making Angkas the safest form of public transportation. With more than 5,000 active motorbike partners, Angkas has surely provided efficient transport and decent means of livelihood to motorcycle owners in Cebu.

Why use Angkas?

Let’s admit that there has always been a stigma among motorcycles in the Philippines – and this is what Angkas is trying to eliminate. Chief Transport Advocate Gilbert Olan emphasized how Angkas is legalizing and professionalizing the motorcycle industry in the country. Moreover, the application also enables users to get to the know the profile of the driver, view the fixed amount of payment, get discounts through promos, and assure that the Angkas driver has been approved by the platform. Most importantly, all Angkas rides are covered by insurance and the company has also a 24-hour customer service line and emergency team to respond to accidents.

Angkas Cebu Safety Fiesta


To further this advocacy for public safety, last September 15, 2019, Angkas Cebu Safety Fiesta was held in the open grounds of Plaza Independencia to help the drivers widen their knowledge and skills. The 12-hour program provided services and trainings such of: Dental mission, free haircut, free massage, Safety Seminar, Gymkhana Tournament, concert, raffles, and recognition of exemplary Angkas drivers.

Angkas Cebu Safety Fiesta (c) Dakilanglaagan
Free Massage during the Angkas Cebu Safety Fiesta
Free Haircut during the Angkas Cebu Safety Fiesta
Freebies given to Angkas Drivers

Is Angkas a reliable means of transportation?

Yes. As an everyday traveler, Angkas has provided a huge amount of relief especially when I’m running late for work or when I have a flight to catch. I get to start the day right without getting frustrated and attend to all commitments on time.

Learn more about Angkas by visiting their website. Download the application now and arrive safely on your destination on time!