As we meet again… (A HIGH SCHOOL CLASS prophecy)

Author’s Note: Finally. After ten long years, I am now able to keep my promise of publishing “our story” on a “blog”. I don’t know how you are right now, our supposed-to-be “reunion” wasn’t able to live up to its intentions. Nonetheless, I hope you’re all doing great at present (despite the covid threat).

Anyways, I hope this prophecy that didn’t make it through our JS prom would bring nostalgia and fun memories of our good high school days. Until then, I hope you’re rich in love, relationships, dreams, and finances.

Happy reading!

(IV – Peace: Class Prophecy) Handwritten drafted 2010; Published on Facebook 2013.

“Every now and then, we find a special friend who never lets us down…
Who understands it all, reaches out each time you fall you’re the best friend I have known…”

Eyes half shut, I stretched my arms and reached my i57, which was emitting that melodious Wetpaint’s version of “Remember me this Way” featuring the International recording artist Kimberly Joy Zabala. As expected, the song hit the top spot of “The World’s Music Bulletin” and stayed there for almost a year.

“Open. Email. Voice messages,” I commanded to the gadget.

“Loading. Updating. Reading Messages. Message One: Bok Interview at Dawn Peek’s Hotel. Message Two: Filming and Animation Meeting schedule moved to the first Friday of next month. Message Three: Collaboration Meeting with Masashi Kishimoto and Hiro Mashima canceled due to prenuptial. Message Four…”

Yes, it works via voice command! i57 is the latest smartphone distributed by NOQUIAO Corporation. It was one of the latest technologies invented by the renowned Eng. Jonnie Lambon—the humble man behind the paper-turned-to-money “Paper Machine”. A compact device that isas small as an eighth sheet of intermediate pad paperalready packed with a multitude of features including wireless connections, built-in satellite, and HD quality video camera, not to mention the unlimited memory it encompasses.

Finding all messages insignificant, I returned the gadget back under my pillow and tried to feign sleep. But instead of succumbing back to slumber, I found myself staring blankly at the ceiling.

I am currently at the internationally-acclaimed QUANTUM HOTEL which is owned and managed by the PLATITUDE FOODTRIP GIRLS composed of Jomelyn Hortezuela (CEO), Leah Angelie Dumagat (Board Member and OIC), Rose Mel Giltendez (Major Stockholder and Financing Department Head), and Jessa Corpuz (Board Member and Resident Chef of the Hotel’s Restaurant).

The resort hotel has been recognized by a number of award-giving bodies around the world because of its outstanding facilities and professional and hospitable personnel. For these reasons, it has been granted five stars for passing the international standards qualifications for hospitality. 

A deep sigh escaped in surrender. The more I forced myself to sleep, the more tangible it became. Finally raising the white flag, I slipped on a pair of denim shorts and put on a cardigan to go for a walk.

I was walking towards the elevator when I chanced upon to see the owner of the International Money Transfer and Bank. CPA Lawyer Eljey Laplap greeted me with her warmest smile. With her was the Board Topnotcher Jonah Mae Pacres. I wished to have spent more time with them but time was literally gold for both of time. The stock market continues to thrive so they both have to attend to their business. I couldn’t help but smile as I recall how things have changed in a short span of time.

After generations of economic slavery from oligarchs and corrupt politicians, the country was able to overcome its crisis thanks to the leadership of the re-elected President of the Republic of the Philippines Jeric Numeran. Yes, the same man who was crowned as the “Sexiest Man Alive” in New York Times and other international publications. The success of the country can also be attributed to his political-partner Vice-President Jad Atillo and to the support and machinery provided by the First Filipino President of the United States of America Joseph Dean Coscolluela owner of Sbarro International and Chairperson of BBC Network.

According to rumors, he was also the man behind the success of Ruth Pharmaceuticals which was able to find the cure to all pandemic viruses scattered around the world. It is owned and managed by his longtime friend, licensed nurse, and pharmacist Ruth Abigail Igao.

It was so overwhelming to recall those felicitous moments that I didn’t notice bumping into the Freedom Ship Captain James Gringo Ramos. With him was a woman of age who somehow resembles him. A knowing smile was drawn on his face in confirmation of my assumptions. It was his mother! Thank Heavens, he was finally able to find her. After long years of search. Happiness and contentment were all over his face. However, his mother shared that there was actually something missing in his life: a wife!

“Well, I think it’s about time that you settle down son, and give me that grandson I’ve been longing to have,” his mother jokingly said (Jokes are half and meant and sarcasm was evident when she said this).

“Yes, of course, we are already planning that one,” interrupted a voice from behind us.

My jaw dropped upon recognizing the gorgeous lady who interrupted our discussion. It was no other than the ever-beautiful and newly-crowned Miss Transgendered Beauty Queen Hujhena Sanchez – CEO of Procter and Gamble Philippines SAGING Lever Corporation and the heiress of the thousand hectares of DOLE Banana Plantation in Bukidnon. Who the hell would not accept her for a wife?!

As usual, the conversation elaborated more than how we had planned it. Thanks to Hujhena’s innate wits and beauty. After some time, we then parted ways because of some commitments. They went on with their schedules as I continued my aimless walk.

I was welcomed by the cool summer breeze of the ocean that lingered into every detail of my hair. The sun was beginning to rise. Such a captivating scene. But my contemplation was interrupted by a ball directly hitting my face. It hurt big time. I was about to confront the culprit of such a crime when I recognized the person behind it. He smiled apologetically. Who was I to complain when it was no other than Kevin Sting Alburo—the owner of a number of branches of the International Housekeeping Agency and Philippine Team’s Libero who made the country win its first gold medal in the Olympics. He had been the talk of the town for quite some time.

To compensate for his actions, he tagged me along to his company composed of Trizzia Lynn Charisse Brady (Food Manufacturer), Anna Marie Sanchez (ANS Chinese Restaurant Owner and Executive Consultant of ‘PLAY NOW! Magazine), Vir Vincent Cabahug (OIC of PhilVirZel Animations) and Jizelle Jaca-Cabahug (NLEX Topnotcher and VirZel Medical Center Chairperson). Also with them was the one and only chicken of AK (Animal Kingdom), PLAY NOW! Magazine Editor-in-Chief and manager of the North Point Badminton Alleyregistered Physician Dr. Zende Sanchez. 

Aside from that, I was also able to get acquainted with the notorious “Death-Eater”, Formula One racer Kwesi Cruz, who just arrived in the hotel a day after winning his 57th trophy during the Grand Prix Tournament held in Paris, France. He garnered his “Death Race King” title after his successive victories in Mexico, Brazil, and Japan. The group labeled his courage in joining those competitions as a coping mechanism for his recent breakup with the newly-crowned Miss Universe.

I wished to have stayed longer and reminisced the glorious days of the past with them but my boss called and reminded me of the deadlines that I had to beat. So I had to bid goodbye and headed back to my room.

On my way to the office with my boyfriend, my newly-purchased Dodge Viper, I happened to pass by Hacienda Sabarreta, an executive IT firm belonging to Jan Myrr Sabarreta. Leaving the outskirts of town and embracing the vicinity proper of the city, I immediately noticed the number of people gathering near the gigantic 4D screen.

Intrigued, I parked my baby boy and checked out what was happening. There I found out about the exclusive interview with the rising Korean Star Wyndee Marie Quirante and Kim Jong Hoon, who were announcing their upcoming wedding. Totally a dream comes true for all K-drama fans. Altogether with them were two of the most successful programmers in the world, Fatima Casquejo and Annaliza Arrejathe geeks behind the trendiest social networking program that caused the downfall of Facebook and Twitter. Their MS Goat and Bee OS also resulted in the bankruptcy and suicide of Bill Gates.

After that, breaking news was reported by Mary Donabelle Macaday, the rumored girlfriend of the business tycoon Michael John Samonte. The news featured the arrival of the semi-aircraft carrier Freedom Ship at the Quantum Port. With it was the Lenpis 32393a private plane engineered by Danielle Bontilao. The plane’s victor was no other than the former boyfriend of the Catwalk Superstar, America’s Next Top Model Winner and Fine Arts graduate Mary Claire Mangapisthe woman behind the heartbreak of Sam Conception. The crowd went wild when somebody broke the presence of Everly Bentillo, another catwalk and ramp modelin the ECAEPIANZ MALLthe largest mall ever built in the whole universe!

Before getting stuck and smashed by the wild crowd, I hurried back to my boyfriend and went to the said mall to check things out in the Ecaepianz Mall which was rumored to belong to the business magnet Jancey Canono. The guy who has become the epitome of the old adage that goes: career and love can never go together. This is because up until now he hasn’t still found the one despite the ninety-nine women who were linked with him (and to whom he bore a child each)! According to an unknown source, this was because of his great affection for his high school puppy love, Glenda Marie Salundaguit.

Yes, the fierce lady owner of Glennie Foodhauz Resto-Café. Before entering the premise of the mall, I first passed by the ECAEPIANZ IT PARKthe biggest BPO in Asia known for its advanced communication and animation programs. Such achievements can be traced to the most sought-after bachelors in the country namely Rubb William Arreza (stockholder and Wetpaint vocalist), Rex Zaldy Aytona (Oscar Awardee: Avatar Rebirth Program and WETPAINT: Extinction Director), Oscar Cunanan (Director of the Board of Trustees of the Cunanan Medical Center, Wetpaint Guitarist and Proponent of the Oscar’s Awards), Gerald Cuyno (WETPAINT: Extinction co-programmer and Gerald Cuyno Shop heir), Alver Noquiao (NOQUIAO Corporation owner, recipient of the OSCAR Awards for best in Background Music “Moment of Truth” by Quicksilver in the epic movie Avatar: Rebirth, Painter of the famous “Pasyon ni Kristo”the masterpiece which shamed Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Last Supper, and Wetpaint’s Lead Guitarist), Jake Sanjorjo (IT Park CEO and mural painter of SRP Cebu Wall), and Mervin Saurin (undefeated online gamer and WETPAINT: Extinction producer).

At the heart of the park was a newly-erected building owned by Farrah Almencion. But my astonishment didn’t end there as I happened to see John Lloyd Cruz filming “Thousand Miles” with the newly discovered talent and IT specialist Dorothy Mae dela Torre.

I was so engrossed in watching them that I almost bumped into a crossing pedestrian. I instantly stepped on the brakes. Everything went into slow motion. I felt having difficulty with breathing. My heart was thumping like crazy. I almost passed out. It took a moment before I was able to regain consciousness. Luckily, a group of nurses passed by and saw what happened. They called the attention of the pedestrian who didn’t follow the traffic signal and also checked on me.

Sigh, not my fault but still guilty. They immediately assessed and aided me. Thank Heavens for these medical workers namely Krisly Abelgas, Louisse Yaun, Clarissa Lopez, and radio technician Czarinah Taboada. I continued my interrupted ride in such a slow manner (more or less an octave faster than the speed of a snailyeah exaggerations). With such speed, I heard a car honking behind me. The car sped up and took the area beside me. It was a Lexus driven by the Youtube sensation and Computer Analyst Inna Penida!

I was shocked. I am a fan, of course. After waving her hand, she then sped up and went on to her press conference.

After submitting and finalizing everything needed at the office, I hurried back to retreat to my cave, the hotel. The toxics of the busy city vanished into thin air after reaching the homey vicinity of the hotel. While walking down the familiar trails leading to my room, I met the newly appointed DepEd Secretary and directress of KOOL KIDS International, Miss Grace Requiso.

With her were Carla Monsanto (BBRC-JAM Foundress) and Mary Joy Jumamoy (BBRC-JAM Directress). They were in the middle of their discussion on the expansion of the said exclusive girl school for gifted orphans. To avoid disrupting them from their thorough discussion, I then discreetly left them. My attention was vexed this time by a plea from a gorgeous guy kneeling in the middle of the hallway in front of Gemayel Hayden Canetethe Accounting Head of Quantum Hotel and President of Penguin’s Merchandise. She shook her head in mischief. Some things really don’t change. She’s still counting guys and getting them hooked on her charm, before leaving them helpless. A true veteran in this game so-called “love”. 

Finally, after a day of unexpected encounters, I was already inside the elevator leading to my suite. But just when I thought I had enough for the day, I noticed the LED screen of the elevator blinking, announcing the upcoming debut concert of Sarah Geronimo’s ultimate rival, Shara Vergara. The said concert will also be participated by the band WETPAINT and highly-acclaimed Broadway singer, Kimberly Joy Zabala. It was a concert for a cause that will be hosted by the world-class linguist and entrepreneur Leodevina Velasquez.

I couldn’t contain my emotions anymore. Ideas have been haunting me since early this morning. Words have been hovering around my head. So the moment the elevator opened, I hurried back to my room, called out the computer, and began narrating everything I wanted to write for so long.

“Programs. MS Goat and Bee Writer. Open. New Document.”

The monitor then projected a blank sheet. And that night, like an idiot talking to herself, my voice filled up the room on the 101st floor of the Quantum Hotel and Resort.

“March 23, 2009…

Every now and then… We find a special friend…”

P.S. I hope you liked “our” story and you are more or less a step closer to the dreams you shared with me years back on that shotgun interview. Some might be far and have sidetracked from the prophecy I made, but I still do hope you are happy with your life now. I miss you all and hope to see you soon in a healthy and fit condition. May God bless you in whatever endeavor that you face. May you continue to dream, big dreams, and may your courage rise to meet them.

Ecaepianz forever,


In case you have time and want to reminisce about the good old high school days of your as well, I highly recommend you to watch “Sunny”. Such feel-good movie.

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