We’re all going to die

You’re going to die. I’m going to die. We’re all going to die.

The Battleship movie has been playing on repeat every night. Quarantine has made my non-scifi fan father succumb into the magic of extraterrestrial forces and advanced technologies. This means I get to see Lt. Alex Hopper saying his epic line: “You’re going to die. I’m going to die. We’re all going to die.” Knowing the obvious disadvantage against the enemies, it’s easy to fall into despair with his words. That if I hadn’t known better the line that comes after it: “Just not today.”

I have been a firm believer of YOLO when I started traveling. The “you only live once” mantra gave me that three-second courage to do insane things – jump Bugasok Falls, solo travel Masbate, topload on top of a bus in the narrow, rough roads of Cordillera, climb Mt. Kanlaon weeks before it erupted, and do many other death-defying stunts. But the years spent on trails made me realize all the opportunities that the universe blessed me with. Waking up every day to a summer sunshine amidst the threat of corona virus   made me understand the total opposite of YOLO. No, you don’t only live once. You die only once. But you get to live with the remaining days, every day. So we have to make the most out of it.

Photo credit: Jet Acido

While this pandemic brought rage, hatred, and disputes among many individuals, it also showed the Filipino values that were buried for a long time. Resilience and Bayanihan. Seeing the growing number of fatalities every day is disheartening. But we go on in hopes that the numbers of those who recovered will outnumber the deaths and that we can finally put an end to this crisis. Millennials volunteer to be the “quarantine tributes” of the family. Online grocery services bringing the basic needs to every household’s doorstep. Social media utilized to affiliate with local farmers for fresh product deliveries. Donations pouring from people in order to help finance the needs of frontliners and those who have lost their jobs. Good government workers going beyond their call of duty in order to assure the safety and stability of the community.

Life has become more difficult these days. But we must go on. Yes, we will all die. But not today.

How can I be of help while on Quarantine?

So let’s continue living and prayer for a better tomorrow. Here are some little ways on how we can be of help while on quarantine:

  1. Share helpful information. Instead of spreading fake news and causing much trouble to other people, why not inform others of how they get there needs without having to trouble themselves with going out? Just like this Cebu-based group, Let’s Eat Bai, that collates a directory of local businesses that one can contact for orders.
***In case you’re in need of grocery items, you may contact Yuki777 Online Grocery. Very responsive and will surely bring your needs right at your doorstep.  
  1. Share life hacks. There’s this Facebook group that I have been so fond of these days. Quarantine Tributes Tips. It’s a public group of millennials who are tasked by the family to do the groceries and buy stuff in the market. There they share common sentiments, some life hacks, and several ways on how to easily prepare food for the family. It’s sucha a feel-good group. You can also share a little of what you know to help these young buds.
  2. Help raise funds. Everyone is on tight-budget these days. But if there’s little that we can offer, why not share right? Creative Initiative for PH Frontliners is a Cebu-based group of young and talented artists and illustrators that aims to earn and donate all their proceeds to the frontliners of the province. For only P100, one can already transform his/her simple photo into a creative illustration and can already support local artists and help finance the needs for PPEs for our frontliners!

4. Share heartwarming stories. Sometimes, we have to be reminded of the goodness of others so that we can be generous of our time and resources too.

good vibes

5. Keep safe. I still hope to see you all on trails and hike more mountains with you. So please, let’s stay at home if we don’t have any important business outside? Always wash your hands. We have a battle to win!