Uncertain Thoughts

When they say that the future is uncertain, I never thought that it would look like this: a world paralyzed by an imperceptible adversary. Borders indefinitely closed. Soldiers carrying lifeless bodies unharmed by ammunition. Families prohibited from their loved one’s burial. People identified as numbers. Health workers in the frontline. The world now is on … More Uncertain Thoughts

Today, I got married

I have always dreamt of getting married – of getting all pretty and walking down the aisle, of crying tons of tears towards my groom, of holding so tight the arms of my beloved parents. I remember how my earliest artworks revolved around gowns, bridal gowns. I was fed with so much fairytale books and … More Today, I got married

Lake Holon: A Proof that Faith can indeed move Mountains

Nature has a way of arriving unannounced. Either you take it as a great surprise or transgressed demise would highly depend on the way you perceive the unexpected. In the end, whatever is meant to happen, will happen; we only need a deeper means of understanding that everything laid out is for the good. And … More Lake Holon: A Proof that Faith can indeed move Mountains