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Tiposo Peak: Trailblazing to the Heart of Argao

“Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures.” I’ve always consider myself blessed in almost all aspects of life – except for Music. HAHA. I know you know why. We’ll not let the rain […]

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Finding Dory: A Traveler’s Reflection

chasing“When life gets you down, do you wanna know what you’ve got to do?

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” -Dory

Do you know that feeling when you really want to get something but you can’t? It’s like trying to reach your back which is so itchy but you can’t or answering a test in Algebra but you studied Trigonometry. Frustrated. Yes, that’s the right word. I have been totally frustrated these past few weeks. I have not been out for almost two months and it is totally frustrating. Wait, did I repeat it again – the word frustrating? Frustrating, right? WAHAHAHAAHA. :D :D :D