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GUIDE: Chasing Sunset at Mt. Naupa

“Don’t stop chasing for your dreams. Next thing you know, you have successfully achieve them!” If I could convert into money the happiness and contentment I am feeling right now, I probably would end up […]

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Mulao River in Compostela, Cebu

Mulao River: A day filled with enchantment in compostela, Cebu

One of the most photographed icon among the stones and boulders of Mulao River is the famed Ark Stone. It has been believed that from precolonial era and up until now, the people can hear loud honking of ships even if they are located in the mountainous area of Compostela. It has been the greatest of all their inquiry on how such rock formation has been perfectly mounted and docked on top of smaller rocks. Because it is located in the middle part of the river, the people believed that it served as a ship of unseen beings who travels away from the place.