“Hanggang saan aabot ang P20 mo?”  This is one familiar line from the Corneto commercial and for someone like me who doesn’t earn much, exhausting all means in order to save is of utmost priority. So, where did my P500.00 bring me this Christmas break?

While Samboan has become famous for its chasing waterfalls adventures (click link for more information), there’s actually more to Cebu than Aguinid, Dau and Binalayan.

  1. Montaneza Falls (Malabuyoc, Cebu) 

This is a pristine jewel located several meters from the highway. This is the same place where you can choose among the four pools of hot spring where you can relax your tired muscles and limbs. From the hot spring, you can take the path leading to the waterfalls. You have to cross some boulders, bridges and go in between rocks in order to see Montaneza Falls. No worries though. The place has been maintained well by the local government; thus, made to be safe for visitors. hotspring5

mainit - finalmontaneza - finalfin - montaneza2

  1. Kabutongan Falls (Looc, Ginatilan)

I don’t recommend this falls for beginners, but it you have tried canyoneering in Alegria, well, this is quite easy for you. The falls has three levels. They are not as majestic as Kawasan, Aguinid and Dau, but if you are seeking for adventure and wants to experience thrill through rock climbing, holding on to the roots of the trees for life support and swimming unto the unknown, this is perfect for you! fin - kabutonganfin - fabutongan2

  1. Inambakan Falls (Ginatilan, Cebu)

My universe literally stopped upon seeing such magnificent beauty. Four kilometers from the highway, you can see this 90 feet waterfalls which explodes with such awesomeness. It got its name from the local term “ambak” which means “to jump” because the water seems like literally jumping from the cliff. fin - inambakanfin - inambakan2

  1. Bugnawan Falls (Ginatilan, Cebu)

Few steps above Inambakan Falls lies the ice cold Bugnawan Falls. It got its name from the local term “bugnaw” meaning “cold”  because of the trees that are shading the said fall that halt the rays of the sun from touching the waters which caused its water to stay cold. fin - bugnawan

  1. Kampael Falls (Ginatilan, Cebu)

On the top of Bugnawan Falls lies the best spot for cliffjumping and diving because of its height. The waters cascading from the falls is very conducive for kids and kids at heart. I had by chance jam with local children from the town who left me wanting to drench into the cold waters.

 fin - kampael


Yeah, I know you’re waiting for this.

Bus fare (Cebu City – Malabuyoc) – P150.00 (less than 20% if student)

Habal-habal fare from highway to Mainit Spring (back and forth) – P30.00

Mainit Spring entrance fee – P10.00

Habal-habal fare from Mainit Spring to Kabutongan – P40.00

Kabutongan Mountain Resort entrance – P10.00

Kabutongan Guide Fee (depends on you) – P50.00

Tricycle fare from Kabutongan Falls to Ginatilan town proper – P8.00

Habal-habal fare to Inambakan Falls (back and forth) – P30.00

Inambakan Falls entrance – P10.00

TOTAL: P488.00



  1. It is best to visit the places during weekdays. You will only have few visitors to compete with.
  2. You need to talk to habal-habal drivers as if you have been to the place. It is also better if you don’t ask them how much is the fare. It is best to ask the local residents. Since motorcycle and tricycles are their main means of transportation, it would be good to deal with them in a kind manner. Remember, you are new to the place and they are the best guide you can have.
  3. Bring your own food. The very reason why I was able to save is because I didn’t buy food. I brought water, lunch and snacks with me. This way, I don’t contribute to the amount of trash accumulated in the place and get to eat them anytime I want.
  4. Be as kind as you can be, especially if you are traveling alone. Being harsh won’t do good.
  5. Enjoy. Stop comparing this and that. Every destination has its distinct highlight. Do not ruin the mood and the place. You are there to enjoy, not to critic. hey