Thank you, BCBA❤️

Thank you, BCBA

The New York Times Bestselling Author. Much to my professor’s surprise, the answer I gave derailed from the usual answers that my classmates gave. We were counting the days back then to our much-awaited graduation and for our exit interview, we were asked to share how we see ourselves ten years ahead.

I was so immersed in Dan Brown’s Deception Point at that time. So, when we were randomly inquired about our future plans, my eyes searched for answers on the covers of the mystery-thriller novel. The New York Times Bestselling Author.

After being taken aback, my professor let out a knowing smile and responded, “Who knows.”

Ten years went by in a blink of an eye. While I pursued the career I was prepared for in college, I am obviously falling behind in the answer I gave a decade ago. I can’t even remember the last time I wrote anything fiction, or out of creativity and imagination.

But the affinity for words remains. Through the years, this love for stringing words together brought me to product and service marketing, social media content management, and travel blogging. Out of the pages of the book, I’ve discovered beautiful places once magically described by brilliant authors, met in person the persona behind the stories I’ve been fangirling with, and even got the chance to be nominated alongside bloggers I looked up to.

MusPo100 First Ultramarathon Trail Race
Meet up with Trisha Velarmino

All through these, Best Cebu Blogs Awards have seen my journey – from joining the #CBSTalks: Best Blogging Practices in 2015 to meeting fellow bloggers (who then turn out to be great hiking companions, hello, Chasing Potatoes, Laag Sparkles, and The Fickle Feet!) and getting nominated in photo and travel categories of the only pioneering award-giving body that recognizes the existence of blogs, bloggers, and social media influencers in Cebu’s ever dynamic blogosphere.

#CBSTalks: Best Blogging Practices in 2015
Used to look up these people. Now, we’re in the same category together. My heart.

Thank you, Best Cebu Blogs Awards for all these amazing experiences. The people behind don’t get enough recognition for all their efforts but know that you have created ripples of inspiration and motivation for those who have doubted their capacity to write, to creatively and freely express themselves, and to find meaning in the circumstances dealt with.

Of course, all these won’t be made possible without the sponsors and partners, who continue to believe in this cause: empowering content creators and recognizing the love invested in the craft.

To be New York Times Bestselling Author, you have to sell between 5,000 – 10,000 copies of books in one week. But beyond these numbers and monetary gains, I think all writers have one common dream: to share their stories with the world.

That’s why I’m thankful that you are here (reading up to this part!). Thank you for taking the time to make sense of my rants and realizations, for journeying with me, and for sharing your personal thoughts as well (especially when you don’t agree). I think this blog wouldn’t last this long without you in the picture. My heart is forever grateful.

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