Uncertain Thoughts

When they say that the future is uncertain, I never thought that it would look like this: a world paralyzed by an imperceptible adversary. Borders indefinitely closed. Soldiers carrying lifeless bodies unharmed by ammunition. Families prohibited from their loved one’s burial. People identified as numbers. Health workers in the frontline. The world now is on … More Uncertain Thoughts

Dear Romanoff:

Here you are again, talking nonsense with yourself, fighting battles no one has ever heard of. I know, I know life has been so tough this year; who’d have thought we’d get this far, right? It’s difficult, it always has been – fixing something that is not broken, going somewhere without you knowing where. And … More Dear Romanoff:

15 Photos that show Tawi-tawi’s Darkest Secrets

There are two provinces in the Philippines that Filipinos would rather not visit:  Batanes and Tawi-tawi. The former because of the “presumed” expenses in flying to the northernmost part of the country, while the latter because of the “presumed” danger imposed by the place. But are these presumptions real? Aren’t they negotiable? What if, these … More 15 Photos that show Tawi-tawi’s Darkest Secrets