Jardin Necitas: When flowers cease to bloom (Travel Guide | 2020 Update)

Sunset at Jardin Necitas

Admit it, you came upon this blog about Jardin Necitas because of the pictures you saw on social media. You travel for pictures. One way or another, it’s difficult to keep your hands off your camera or smartphone whenever something spectacular or momentous happen. It becomes instinctive to keep frozen in time those magical moments. This is the reason why when travels are planned, the time of the day and attire should be considered so as to add effect on that capture. However, sometimes, fate plays its own antics and, most of the time, changes the plan.

Part of our itinerary when we went to Bohol was to visit the glowing garden in Pilar – Jardin Necitas. It houses 20,000 glowing multicolored LED tulips and roses that lit up at night. Obviously, the best time to visit the place is at night; however, since we have to go back to Panglao for our accommodation, we have to leave Jardin Necitas early so as to catch the 9pm dinner prepared at the resort. We arrived at Jardin Necitas by half past four in the afternoon when the sun was still brightly shining above all creations. We waited for the surroundings to dim a little so that we can still take photos of the glowing flowers… but we never got the chance to.

Playing around with the sunset hues at Jardin Necitas

It would be easier to sulk in frustration and complain for such misfortune we had when we were in Jardin Necitas but I guess we have encountered a lot of misadventures to make such a big deal. Instead, we took numerous photos of each other and made fun of those “hypebeast” poses.  We got too busy scripting our photos when we noticed how the background started to change – from white to orange to carnation pink to lilac. We were totally in awe and bewitched watching how the marvelous sunset took place beneath our eyes that we forgot that it was the flowers of Jardin Necitas that we were after. This then reminded me of a reflection shared on one of my favorite kdrama – Still 17: When one door to happiness closes, another door to happiness opens up for you. But many of us are only focused on the closed door, and don’t even realize that another door has opened up. Perhaps, the other door to happiness might not bad something grand or special. Perhaps, the small and trivial things that look insignificant are the other doors to happiness. If you muster up the courage and walk towards it, then perhaps, you might be able to find the happiness you didn’t even realize existed.

Beautiful sunset at Jardin Necitas
Sunset at Jardin Necitas (c) Dakilanglaagan

There are times when we can’t really realize what we so like to happen, we can’t get everything we want. Yes, it’s frustrating, but this is life’s way of surprising us. Life may sometimes not give what we wanted, but it will surely give us what we deserve – sometimes, even better than what we wish for.

Final shot before we go (c) Dakilanglaagan


  1. This beautiful garden, Jardin Necitas, is accessible through different kinds of transportation around Bohol. It is approximately 2-3hours away from Tagbilaran Airport and Pier.
  2. Jardin Necitas is located at Barangay Bagumbayan, Pilar, Bohol. There are several tarpaulins posted on the road to guide guests and travelers who are bringing their own vehicle.
  3. Jardin Necitas opens from 10am until 10pm. Entrance fee is P30.00. To get there, you have to travel for approximately two hours from Tagbilaran City. For more queries, feel free to contact me thru Facebook and Instagram.

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