Mercury was right, Fortune favors the Bold

Most days we have to shut our mouths and fight battles in silence. (c) Dakilanglaagan

I’m not a good singer but I can easily score 100 in the videoke. The secret? Bohemian Rhapsody, The Yes, Yes Show, and Jesus of Suburbia. We all know how those machines work – scream to your heart’s content, then boom! You’re a great singer! However, we know for a fact that ours is not of proving our vocal capabilities but of releasing our stress. Screaming, shouting, and headbanging are perfect means of venting outbursts. Sadly, everyday can’t be a videoke day. Most days we have to shut our mouths and fight battles in silence.

I have been eyeing on watching “Bohemian Rhapsody” after its release. But opportunity have been dodging me for quite some time. On the last day of its show, I chanced upon a perfect schedule to finally watch it on a nearby cinema. But the weather didn’t cooperate and vehicles suddenly went scarce.  Defeated, I tried to console myself by taking a stroll.

I was silently battling with the little demons in my head when two familiar faces suddenly called my family name. And who else calls us with our family names? Yeah, high school classmates. It took a while before everything sank in. They’re on the bus stop, waiting for another dear high school classmate, and planning to spend the rest of the day over chika and milk tea. The next thing I knew, we were already in SM Seaside, strolling around, lining up for some milk tea, and updating each other of our whereabouts. Believe me, the last time I saw them altogether was in high school. Almost a decade! HAHA. That’s how notorious I am in terms of meetups – to think that we’re just under the same sky.


While waiting for our orders, I curiously checked the movie schedule of the mall and found out that they’re still showing “Bohemian Rhapsody”! *insert Hallelujah* I quickly shared this information to them, as they have learned my dilemma earlier. Sadly, they’re not as crazy as I am with the movie and they had other things to do; so I ended up watching the movie alone.


Alone. It sounded weird. I mean, you’re supposed to watch movies with friends or dear ones. It’s quality time. But I realized, in the end… some things are worth doing alone for the first time. I found a good seat, sat beside my bag, and sang and cried all through the rest of the movie. It wasn’t the most dramatic movie I’ve seen but it’s the first time I felt like freeing myself. You know, that feeling of keeping yourself from tearing up in fear of being bullied. Golden rule. HAHA.

I do research on bios of bands that I totally like, and I guess, like many adaptations, there were inconsistencies as well. Nonetheless, the lines were pretty good that I ended up noting some on my phone. Wordporn. Plus, the concert-like cinematography added to the effect that would totally entice audience to sing too. It wasn’t perfect, but I guess it was what I needed at that crucial time. Somedays, luck sides us. Other days, fate plays a mean game. But I guess, whatever life has to offer, we have to learn to sing with it – even if we’re off-key – in hopes that Freddie is right when he claimed that “Fortune favors the bold”.


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