I guess I’ll never get married after watching ‘The World of Married Couple’

Reflections and Learnings on The World of Married Couple

‘You’ll never get married after watching that’ – said someone who has no plans of marrying as well, after knowing that I’ve been binge-watching ‘The World of Married Couple’ these past few days. But instead of getting alarmed, I felt a bit annoyed with the statement.

I’d lost count on how many times I have heard that ‘you’ll-never-get-married’ line. And up until now, I still couldn’t see the wisdom of how my pursuance of personal interest is directly proportional to my inability of getting married.

Believe me, it was pure curiosity that led me to watch the hit Korean series, The World of Married Couple. I’ve never been interested in love affair TV dramas – even if most of my colleagues have gone crazy with all the slapping and epic exchange of lines of the trending local series such of “Two Wives”, “Tubig at Langis”, “The Legal Wife”, and the ground breaking, “My Husband’s Lover”. There wasn’t just too much to learn from all of these. Or so I thought.

The World of Married Couple Plot

The World of Married Couple is a Korean remake of BBC’s iconic “Doctor Foster” drama series. It follows the story of the almost happy and perfect family life of Dr. Ji Sun-woo and her movie director husband, Lee Tae-oh – until she found out that he is having an affair with the younger and more beautiful mistress, Yeo Da Kyung.


At first glance, the series could look like a typical love affair series, but it turns to go beyond the usual cliché plot by deviating its track into a fast-paced psychological thriller. It dwells more on the emotional build-up of the characters and stirred its way to the often hidden issues and ugly emotions brought about by infidelity and divorce.

“How pitiful I am for concealing my devastated heart with hypocrisy and deception? How the hell do I put you in the same hell that I’m going through?” Such poetic line for someone plotting for a sixteen-episode revenge. But for someone who has a son to keep and a reputation to protect, how do you actually remain calm despite the chaos in your head? This is the reason why this drama earned an astounding 4.9 rating on its early episodes. It’s mind-boggling.

I personally like how the drama pointed out how capable women are of cheating too. How everyone is actually capable of doing such act. But choose not to because of the numerous things that has been weighing her down – family, children, career, and society. Best, of all, loyalty. That every decision she makes, she has to take note of everyone around before following her heart. No, this is not restricted to infidelity anymore.

In a world of patriarchs, it’s difficult to be a woman. But this drama pointed out how a single woman could create ripples into others. To empower others to makes choices for themselves – to choose themselves first – denying society of what it wants to dictate. The World of Married Couple helps us reevaluate the women around us, the decisions that they have to make, and the struggles they silently battled with.

Once upon a time, my boss told me that I need an alpha to tame me so that I could get married. I believe otherwise. I don’t need an alpha. I need someone to understand, support, and partner with. An equal. Because, isn’t that what marriage is all about? An intimate union and equal partnership, a covenant for mutual joy and comfort in prosperity and adversity. No one overpowering the other.


Will I ever get married? Who knows. It’s not as if a drama could determine someone else’s future. Until then, let’s continue pursuing what makes us happy and alive. Now, what drama to binge-watch next. Suggest something down below, or on my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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