Not traveling? Feed your Wanderlust with these FREE movies

I’m now torn between traveling and staying at home these days. Half of me still wants to explore and discover places but the other half wanted to rest for the weekend and chill at home. I’ve been running circles and debating what to pursue. Then I realized, why can’t I have both? So I unpacked some saved movies on the phone and watch travel-inspired movies! Problem solved.

But really, in case you’re struggling where to travel next – thanks to those seat sales and travel invites that keep shooting up on the messenger – here’s a quick list of feel good Filipino movies that you can watch for fee and will allow you to travel the Philippines and other countries while still enjoying the warmth of home.


If you can’t visit all 7,641 islands of the Philippines, why not see those beautiful island destinations unfold before you by watching these feel good and inspiring Filipino movies that will bring you around the Philippines and will surely feed the inner wanderlust in you!

  1. Mr. and Mrs. Cruz

Movie Location: Palawan

Plot: Mr. Mrs. Cruz is a distinctive romance flick that follows the story of Raffy (JC Santos) and Gela (Ryza Cenon) who were mistakenly thought as husband and wife during their much needed tour in Palawan. Both came from a heartbreaks and found an unusual company in each other. I specifically love how the story unfolds and how natural both the main characters were. Plus, you’ll really have fun watching that “brief hack” done by JC Santos and how the ending came natural without having too many clichés and tragic plot twists. Overall, this film is highly recommended.

Movie Quote: Nahanap ko si Nemo pero yung sarili ko hindi ko pa rin makita.

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  1. That Thing Called Tadhana

Movie Location: Sagada

Plot: How many of us only found out about the beautiful sanctuary that is of Sagada after watching this movie? And who would forget that epic “Walang Forever” line? All these were duly credited to the heartbreaking yet very relatable That Thing Called Tadhana movie which features the story of Mace (Angelica Panganiban) and Anthony (JM de Guzman). Truly, there’s something about mountains that will make anybody feel better. No wonder, the Cordillera is often flocked with soul-searchers or those who badly needed time for healing.

Movie Quote: Wala naman pala ‘yun sa tagal ng relasyon. Kung hindi ka na niya mahal, hindi ka na niya mahal.

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  1. Crazy Beautiful You

Movie Location: Mt. Pinatubo

Plot: Sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, love finds us. Crazy Beautiful You features the story of the rebellious daughter, Jackie (Kathryn Bernardo) who was forced to go to a medical mission and met the good-humored Kiko who was tasked to make sure that she gets the tasks done. It is such a feel good movie that will cause you tear a bit, thanks to those perennial issues with regards to family relationship. This movie is actually one of the reasons why I dreamed of visiting Pinatubo. There’s something about how the crater was sadly, crazily, yet beautifully illustrated.

Movie Quote: Alam mo ba ang sinabi nila sumabog iyan? Galit na galit. Pero matapos niya ilabas iyong galit niya, tingnan mo naman. Ang ganda. A beautiful disaster.

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  1. Can’t Help Falling in Love

Movie Location: Cebu

Plot: What if you found out that you were actually married to someone? Crazy, right? Can’t help falling in love follows the romantic comedy story of Gab (Kathryn Bernardo) who was bound for marriage with her long-time boyfriend Jason (Matteo Guidicelli). However, life brought her to an amazing twist of fate when she found out that she was married to the free-spirited stranger Dos (Daniel Padilla).

Movie Quote: “Even a second with the right person can be worth more than a lifetime.”

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  1. You’re my Boss

Movie Location: Batanes

Plot: You’re my Boss is follows the story of the bossy airline company executive Georgina (Toni Gonzaga) who will do anything in order to close a deal with a foreign investor. Because of this, she became desperate to win over the deal by introducing Pong (Coco Martin) as the president in replacement to the real owner of the company. This pretense then left them to discover a whole new level of feelings for each other and a sort of reflection on what they really want to pursue and prove in life.

Movie Quote: “Ang Batanes, ineexperience, hindi gino-Google.” If that won’t make you want to drool over Batanes, I don’t know what will.

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  1. Flotsam

Movie Location: La Union

Plot: Another feel good movie that gives you a retrospect of the various faces of love is Flotsam. This follows the main character Kai (Solenn Heussaff) who runs away from an impending marriage and found a rather unexplainable connection with Tisoy (Rocco Nacino). Aside from them, there were other interconnected love stories that discusses endless possibilities of relationship. However, because of the overlapping expanse of the subplots, it hampers the overall development of what could have been a great projection of the main story. Nonetheless, if you want to enjoy La Union, chill, and watch delightful scenes, Flotsam is a great option to watch.

  1. Everyday I love you

Movie Location: Negros Occidental

Plot: While the love of her life was in coma, the romantic old sould of Audrey (Liza Soberano) meets and falls in love with the achievement-oriented young man from Manila, Ethan (Enrique Gil). Right then and there, the Audrey was caught in between choosing the man of her dreams and the man who makes her dreams come true.

Movie Quote: “Real love stays for good. Not forever, but for a lifetime.”

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  1. Sakaling di Makarating

Movie Location: Zamboanga, Siquijor, Batanes, Marinduque, and Ilocos

Plot: A personal favorite of mine. Sakaling di makarating features the story of Cielo (Alessandra de Rossi) – who was very much devastated after being left by her boyfriend of 11 years. She then began receiving anonymous postcard from different spots around the Philippines which prompted her to set forth and maybe find the man who caused her heartbreak. I totally fell in love with the Philippines even more after watching this movie. With its stunning cinematography, who would have thought that this was only filmed for a short period of time? Plus, the ending is surely not to miss. This only goes to show that sometimes, it’s really the journey that matters, not the destination.

Movie Quote: “Iba-iba ang sunset sa Pilipinas, lahat magaganda.”

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  1. Siargao

Movie Location: Siargao

Plot: As the title suggests, this movie brings you to the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines”. Siargao follows the love story of the brokenhearted YouTube vlogger, Laura (Erich Gonzales), and burn-out musician, Diego (Jericho Rosales). Siargao offers a Filipino version of the iconic travel movie, Eat, Pray, Love – a journey of rediscovering oneself. I specifically like how Director Paul Soriano equally sprinkled environmental awareness and tourism responsibility on this movie.

Movie Quote: “You will not fall in love in Siargao but you will fall in love with Siargao.”

  1. Camp Sawi

Movie Location: Bantayan Island

Plot: Camp Sawi is a whimsical story of five women who went on a “camp” to mend their broken hearts. This camp is said to help them recover and rehabilitate their hearts and gain themselves back. There were some loose ends and unsettled issues in the movie, but if you want to chill with them in the beautiful island of Bantayan and laugh your heart out, Camp Sawi can be a great flick to spend with.

Movie Quote: Does my age have anything to do with my pain?

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  1. Patay na si Hesus

Movie Location: Cebu and Negros Oriental

Plot: In case you need an epic road trip, this dark, satirical movie will bring you great laughs and reflections to ponder. It follows the story of Iyay (Jacquelyn Jose) who learned that her husband Hesus was dead. She then gathers all her children and told them that they had to go on a road trip to Dumaguete City. However, the unplanned detours of their trip measured their relationship as a family and the values that the society has reluctantly instilled upon us.

Bias aside, I really had fun watching this movie. Any Bisaya would die laughing with their punch lines. This even made me think of going on a trip once again to Dumaguete City.

Movie Quote: “Kung minahal niya ako, hindi sana siya naghanap ng iba. Talo ang ‘ako ang pinakasalan’ sa ‘ako ang minahal’”

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  1. Love you to the Stars and Back

Movie Location: Batangas (Nagpatong Rock)

Plot: Don’t tell me you didn’t get LSS with Torete because of this movie. Love you to the Stars and Back follows the story of Mika (Julia Barretto) who went on a road trip to look for aliens but met Caloy (Joshua Garcia) who was terminally ill at that moment. If you are fond of “The Fault in our Stars” kind of movie with a little familiar Pinoy romcom, then is quite a good fix. And the cinematography is really great.

Movie Quote: Ashira Grivinda Mama Ajarum. Walang sigurado. Minsan, kailangan mo lang maniwala.

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  1. 100 Daang Tula para kay Stella

Movie Location: Pampanga (Mt. Arayat)

Plot: Isang Daang Tula para kay Stella features the story of the stuttering Fidel (JC Santos) and Stella (Bella Padilla) who became great friends in college despite their glaring differences. Fidel grows his love to Stella and wrote a hundred poems for her. This is such an appealing theme that would bring back 90’s kids memories of diskettes, Nokia phones, Friendster, and Dice and K9. Totally nostalgic. And, have you heard? They’re making a sequel?

Movie Quote: Di ba ganun naman talaga? Hindi natin nakakatuluyan yung taong gusto natin?

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  1. Alone Together

Movie Location: UP Diliman, National Museum

Plot: Alone Together tells the story of the UP student, Tin (Liza Soberano) who falls in love with the struggling student from UST, Raf (Enrique Gil). Sadly, their relationship fell apart and after years of silence, they met once again and became more mature enough to discuss what happened with their relationship. The cinematography of the film added so much feels to the movie. And it also get to challenge the audience all the ‘what-ifs’ that we have upon pursuing what our hearts wanted.

Movie Quote: What if hindi tayo nagbreak? Paano kung hindi ka nawala? What if magkita tayo ulit? Tapos, pwede pa?

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  1. The Day after Valentine’s

Movie Location: Hawaii

Plot: Lani (Bela Padilla) met the suicidal Kai (JC Santos). He was obviously having a hard time moving on and fixing his life after a breakup. The concerned Lani offered help as she found herself on the same shoe some years back. However, as she went fixing the heart of Kai, Lani finds herself drawn to Kai which prompted her to visit his home in Hawaii and mend her old wounds as well.

Movie Quotes: “Inayos ko ‘yung buhay mo kahit yung sa’kin mas magulo.”

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  1. Never not love you

Movie Location: London

Plot: I really found the title intriguing, that’s why I watched it. Double negative, you know. But what I found in this movie is something totally worth my time. Never not love you features a story of what truly happens after the “happily-ever-after” concept of many love stories. The reality. This follows the story of Joanne (Nadine Lustre) who came from a small town in order to work and earn a spot in a big company. She meets the carefree graphic artist Gio (James Reid) who falls deeply in love with her. Their love was eventually shaken up after all the thrill of romance.

Movie Quote: “You’ve become the Joanne that you’re supposed to be, but without me. And it hurts like hell to admit that.”

  1. My Ex and Whys

Movie Location: South Korea

Plot: My Ex ad Whys follows the story of the blogger, Cali (Liza Soberano) who was known for her blog “The Bakit List”. When her exchange of interaction with @DahilListBoy goes viral, her identity as blogger gets the opportunity that every social media influencer wants. Later she found out that the user was actually the source of her whys – her ex-boyfriend, Gio (Enriquie Gil).

Movie Quote: Why can you still love someone who hurt you?

  1. Barcelona: A Love Untold

Movie Location: Barcelona

Plot: Barcelone: A Love Untold tells the story of Ely (Daniel Padilla) and Mia (Kathryn Bernardo) who found a listening ear to each other’s demise. After the death of his girlfriend who really looks like Mia, Ely is set to confront his own hang-ups while Mia is set to embrace her faults and pride.

Movie Quote: “Ingat ka sa lungkot-lungkot na ‘yan. Mahirap magmahal ng taong hindi pa tapos magmahal ng iba.”

  1. Meet me in St. Gallen

Movie Location: St. Gallen, Switzerland

Plot: Love comes when it has to. Love leaves when it needs to. But what if, two hearts are bound to love each other but not at the same time? Meet me in St. Gallen offers a relatively reflective way of finding love at the wrong time. This follows the story of Jesse (Carlo Aquino) whose studies are being sidetracked by his dreams to be a rock star. He meets Celeste (Bela Padilla) in a coffee shop and there began a remarkably meet-cute interwoven relationship between the two.

Movie Quote: “Magkaiba ang malungkot sa mag-isa.”

  1. Kita kita

Movie Location: Sapporo, Japan

Plot: The epic love story of Kita kita tells the romantic-comedy story of Lea (Alessandra de Rossi) and Tonyo (Empoy) who met at Sapporo, Japan. It’s a really funny story finding love beyond physical appearance told in a rather unusual way. And the ending is totally a plot twist. No one had it coming.

Movie Quote: “Isang beses lang akong nagmahal. Masama ba ang magmahal ng isa lang?”

  1. Hello, Love, Goodbye

Movie Location: Hong Kong

Plot: Hello, Love, Goodbye is a story that clearly summarizes everything that is of the title. It features Joy (Kathryn Bernardo) who works as a domestic helper in Hong Kong and is desperate to save money in order to finance her dream of flying to Canada. But then she meets the happy-go-lucky bartender Ethan (Alden Richards) who confronted her with her critical choices in life. The unfolding of the story is totally great, and yeah, if you’ve noticed, I love endings such as this one.

Movie Quote: “Kung mahal mo ako, bakit hindi ako piliin mo? Kung mahal mo ako, bakit mo ako pinapapili?”

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